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28.07.2011, 13:38, Absam: Laura is here - WE ARE FAMILY!! From now on little Laura will join us on our adventures.

Liebe Freunde, liebe Reisebegeisterte, liebe „Rückenwind-Fans“164tajikistan025_newsky_beamer_text
Wir haben die Fotosammlung unserer Radreise von Österreich nach Singapur zu einem Vortrag zusammengestellt. Es hat uns Spaß und Freude gemacht, diese mit allen interessierten Mitreisenden zu teilen. Für Fragen zu unserer Reise und Tipps zu ähnlichen Vorhaben stehen wir gerne zur Verfügung!

Vergangene Vortragstermine

Fr, 01.10.2010, 20:00 - Altenmarkt an der Triesting (NÖ) (Mehrzweckhalle Volksschule Altenmarkt)

Do, 25.11.2010, 20:00 - Innsbruck (SoWi Aula, Universitätsstr. 15)

Di, 07.12.2010, 20:00 - Micheldorf in OÖ (Freizeitpark, Hammerweg 23)

Do, 09.12.2010, 19:30 - Klosterneuburg (Babenbergerhalle, Rathausplatz)

Fr, 10.12.2010, 19:30 - Klosterneuburg (Babenbergerhalle, Rathausplatz)

Fr, 11.03.2011, 19:00 - Wien (VHS Urania)

Fr, 06.05.2011, 19:30 - Mürzzuschlag (Winter!Sport!Museum!, Wienerstr. 13)


10.04.2010, Innsbruck, Austria: Slowly settling into normal Western lifestyle again we dare to cautiously venture out into the near surroundings with our trusted and tuned bikes again while thinking of the countless encounters and experiences of our journey and the many beautiful pictures that we have taken which we are slowly arranging into a slide-show presentation to share with others.

18.02.2010, Klosterneuburg, Austria: After more than one year of travelling on the bicycle, an emotional and colourful welcome awaited us both at the airport and at a ‘Heurigen’ in Klosterneuburg an hour later - everything seemed a bit like at our farewell brunch, with the exception that the bikes have a few scratches and we have more stories to tell. We did not have much time to get accustomed to “normal” life, but the countless memories of our trip will keep us going for a while and provide the “juice” for some slide shows in Klosterneuburg, Vienna and Innsbruck later this year (September & October). Now, for a while, we will enjoy the beauty of our near surroundings, but our trip to Singapore was certainly not the last of our unusual journeys…….

12.02.2010, Singapore: It is not a particularly impressive or large bridge, but crossing 397-singapore-015-lafflerthe Causeway connecting Malaysia and Singapore is nevertheless a very special moment for us. 397 days, 24.018,36 kilometres and 137.388 metres of altitude after leaving our home in the middle of the cold winter last year we have reached our final destination Singapore. It is a strange feeling to have aimed for this destination for more than a year without ever using another means of transport than the bicycle, but now it is clear: from here there is no going further south without the help of fins or wings. We receive a warm welcome from Amy and Mike who are so kind as to take us in on this last stop of our journey while offering a wonderful introduction into life in Singapore. In closing more than a year’s worth of travel experience we encourage everyone who carries a dream similar to ours within to live it – it is the first step that is the hardest, the rest is easy! >>READ MORE

„All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.” (T.E. Lawrence, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom)


Media information regarding our arrival can be downloaded here (in German).

13.02.2010, Technical experience and tips regarding similar ventures: Preparing well for such a long journey is the key to its success. We give some insight into what the considerations are to make before heading off, what material has worked well for us and how long it actually takes to plan all aspects of such an unusual journey. But with all the planning necessary there is one thing one should never forget, though: always factor in some time for the unplanable, the resulting experiences and encounters are often the moments that make up the most memorable ones of the journey. >>READ MORE

See our travel news, a selection of our photos, our route and leave a message in our guestbook.


What is Rückenwind all about?

Rückenwind - German for ‘tail wind’ - is the name we have given to the project we are realizing in 2009. We are living the dream of individual travel on uncommon paths that most people carry somewhere within themselves but cannot or do not want to realize for many different reasons.

We are travelling by bicycle and have started in front of our home in Austria and want to reach Singapore, the southernmost point of the Eurasian continent, after one year of travelling. In doing so, we will cross 21 countries, meet people of different cultures, cycle in all climate zones of the earth and collect impressions and memories that one cannot even imagine at home. The route we are following covers more than 22.000 km and we will climb more than 123.000 meters in altitude.

With this journey we want to live our passion to move in nature without restrictions and to rely merely on our own energy and material. We wish to create opportunities for unique encounters with people, experience landscapes and cultures - far from mass tourism and the bustle of the Western lifestyle.

Whenever we told family or friends about our intentions to cycle from Vienna to Singapore, the question as to the Why? was often asked. They wondered how it came about that we had the idea to cover such an almost inconceivably long distance by bicycle.

The answer to these questions cannot easily be given in a few sentences of small-talk. Rather, it lies in our souls - the souls of two adventurers that have found each other, two restless minds that despite their strong roots in their respective homelands have itchy feet and the desire to discover the world in a very intensive and special way. The knowledge to be carrying our homes on our two bicycles for a year gives us an incredible feeling of freedom and flexibility. Our constitution, the topography and the weather alone will decide how far we travel each day and where we will set up camp for the night.

This adventure is the largest physical and mental challenge with which we have been confronted in our lives. Our path requires patience, strength and stamina - but don’t we also need these in our everyday lives? We are rewarded with intensive impressions of nature, quiet days in solitude, the energy of bustling and exotic cities, the history of monuments of cultures present or long past and above all acquaintances with people of other cultures and religions which will help us understand the world a little bit better.

The happiness that we feel when we arrive exhausted and set up camp at night, content at the end of the day waiting for the noodles on the little stove to cook, sitting in front of a glorious sunset arm in arm or simply enjoying a hot shower in civilisation - those are the things that motivate us day after day to continue on our path. It’s the nearly limitless freedom to decide each day where this path should lead, that makes this journey so special.

Often we’ll have to conquer our weaker self and face up to the different aspects of the force of nature but many times it will be a symphony of pleasure when the first rays of sun warm us and show us, how unbelievable great it is to be outside. Admittedly, the path we follow is a rather unconventional one, but it is a very honest and open path that hides nothing.

Reiselied (Hermann Hesse)

Sonne leuchte nur ins Herz hinein,
Wind verweh mir Sorgen und Beschwerden!
Tiefre Wonne weiß ich nicht auf Erden,
Als im Weiten unterwegs zu sein.

Nach der Ebne nehm ich meinen Lauf,
Sonne soll mich sengen, Meer mich kühlen;
Unserer Erde Leben mitzufühlen,
Tu ich alle Sinne festlich auf.

Und so soll mir jeder neue Tag
Neue Freunde, neue Brüder weisen,
Bis ich leidlos alle Kräfte preisen,
Aller Sterne Gast und Freund sein mag.


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